Taking on the big utilities

Amanda has a proven track record of standing up to the big utilities when they try to hurt consumers.    

She helped lead the charge to repeal the legal Ponzi scheme known as the “Advanced Nuclear Recovery Fee” – a horrible law that forces customers to pay for new projects even before they are approved.

“Floridians are tired of being taxed for projects that will never come to fruition.”

And then she went to work on a bi-partisan measure to end the rip-off.

Amanda worked across the aisle to fight for this change but, unfortunately, the large utilities and their special interest lapdogs in the Senate killed her efforts. That’s why she is now running for the Senate – to stand up to those who use their power to hurt hardworking middle-class families and retirees on a fixed income who are tired of over-paying for utilities.

“I will never back down in my fight for rate fairness and common-sense laws that protect average everyday Floridians,” said Murphy.