Meet Amanda

Amanda Murphy

The daughter of a commercial fisherman, Amanda Murphy grew up and raised her family in Pasco County.  “I had a wonderful childhood surrounded by the natural beauty of our area’s land and waters, and the security of neighbors helping neighbors.

“Yet, our family always lived on the financial edge, dependent upon the fishing harvest.  That’s why I’m a licensed financial advisor; I help families of all means plan for financial security and the dreams we all share: giving our kids a good education, staying healthy, and having a comfortable retirement.

“That’s why I am running for State Senate.  Today’s state government spends more time helping big corporations than it does making people’s lives better.  Our real problems need workable solutions now.

Amanda is active in her community and believes that it truly does take a village. “One of the toughest jobs out there is parenting but the greatest reward comes when you have grandchildren.”   My involvement in PACE Center for Girls and the Youth and Family Alternatives Runaway Center helps young people who are struggling or at risk get that second chance to get ahead.

“My professional experience – plus raising three teenage girls – has taught me how to listen, negotiate, and see the big picture.  These are just the skills needed to get things done in the legislature.  I am ready to put my knowledge and experience of serving in the House for 3 years, my financial know-how, and my concern for families to work for you in Tallahassee.