Jobs and the Economy

Amanda Murphy

Florida’s economy is growing, but wages for working families are not rising!

Our economy is growing for one simple reason:  Florida’s population is growing, and approximately 1,000 people are moving here every day.

Why are Florida’s families not benefiting from this incredible growth?

Because Tallahassee politicians have put the special interest needs above the needs of hard-working middle-class families.  With tax breaks for wealthy (often out-of-state) corporations, tax giveaways to special interests and false promises to voters, our tax dollars are not being used wisely.

But Amanda has a plan…

  • Better schools.  Amanda’s plan to improve Florida’s economy and raising wages begins with stronger and better public school system.  Amanda knows that an educated workforce is a well-paid workforce.  Whether it is technical training or college, education is the answer.  Her plan will raise teacher pay, increase the variety and accessibility of vocational programs, and make college tuition affordable for everyone.  Amanda will end the Lottery scam, put a stop to budget turkeys and wasteful spending and work to ensure that every child who wants a high-quality education will receive one.
  • Better quality of life.  Study after study shows that high quality jobs and high-quality businesses locate and relocate to areas with a high quality of life.  By protecting our water, improving our roads, enacting voter-mandated purchases of sensitive lands, and fighting to make sure our state stands up for working families, she knows that businesses will want to take advantage of our high quality of life and relocate to the Sunshine State.
  • Tax Incentive accountability.  Studies also show that targeted businesses can be lured here if we help them with the transition.  But too often, those who are offered tax incentives to come here are not held accountable. Amanda will make sure that those businesses who use tax incentive dollars are forced to provide actual high-wage jobs or they must give the money back!
  • Low taxes.  Florida’s budget has grown steadily over the past decade.  Average families do not need any more taxes and Amanda will continue fighting to make sure that taxes on average everyday families – and especially retirees – stay low.  We have more than enough revenue to provide high quality schools, better roads, clean water and excellent public services but we must stop the corporate giveaways and special interest scams that take money away from our state’s basic needs.  Florida TaxWatch identified over $400 million is wasteful spending and budget turkeys over the past few years and Amanda will fight to end that kind of government waste.

A vote for Amanda Murphy is a vote for a sensible plan to make Florida’s economy strong for everyone – not just the privileged few.