Amanda Murphy

Public Schools are our future.

Fully fund our schools.  As a financial advisor, Amanda knows how important it is to invest in the future.  That’s why Amanda is fighting to make sure our public schools are fully funded.   Currently, Florida ranks 45th in the nation on funding our public school teachers.  As a result, we are losing quality teachers to other states and are among the highest early retirement states in the nation.  Too many of our classrooms are empty simply because we have repeatedly underfunded our classrooms.  Each year, our state wastes hundreds of millions of dollars in budget turkeys and wasteful spending.  By redirecting those wasted dollars into our public school classrooms, we can do better – without raising taxes.

Reduce the number of standardized tests.  Amanda also knows that high-stakes testing is out of control and the mis-use of standardized tests is ruining our classrooms.  To be sure, Amanda knows that tests are a good thing, but only when they are used to instruct children, measure their progress and give our teachers the information they need to improve, alter, or modify classroom coursework.

Improve and expand college alternatives.  Technical training schools are a must for Florida’s future.  In order to bring more business to Florida it is important to give those businesses the workforce they are looking for – and they are looking for technically trained young people.  These schools offer those students who may not be college bound an excellent alternative and a positive set of careers options.


Keep public dollars in the public’s control.  Florida politicians have concocted a scheme where they divert YOUR tax dollars into for-profit private schools which are not accountable to taxpayers.  We must stop diverting tax dollars to these for-profit business in the form of vouchers (by 2020 state voucher spending will be $1 billion) especially because those private corporations are not accountable to taxpayers and they are not being forced to be transparent about how they spend your taxes. And lastly, we must require that any private school receiving taxpayer dollars be held to the same standards as our public school system.